Infant / Toddler Rooms


The infant / toddler program, ages 2 months to 24 months, will allow parents to leave their baby in a home-like environment with loving attentive teachers.  With the center’s convenient location, parents are also able to come in for feedings and /or visits as often as they would like.  Limited enrollment provides more individualized care, which is vital at this age.

2-3 Year Old Rooms


This is the age when children are learning to socialize, fantasize, and explore.  The hands-on curriculum is designed to stimulate their imagination and curiosity.  It provides strong educational opportunities for young minds to learn new concepts.  The children will also have ample opportunity to interact, create, and develop their independence at the various stations each day.

Pre-K Rooms


At Ivy Prep we provide kindergarten readiness skills to the children by teaching letters, sounds, numbers, pre-reading skills, and pre-writing skills.  Children will also have ample opportunities to interact at various stations each day where they can develop their creativity, problem solving abilities, fine and gross motor skills, and socialization. The students at Ivy Prep are inspired to develop a love for learning. A majority of the pre-k students at Ivy Prep are reading prior to graduation.