Safety and Security


Annual CPR and First Aid Training

The state requires only one staff member per school to receive CPR/First Aid Training every 2-3 years. 


At Ivy Prep, ALL staff are required to receive CPR and First Aid Training ANNUALLY

Secure Campus

At Ivy Prep, safety is our greatest priority. To provide a secure environment, Ivy Prep remains locked and monitored throughout the school day. Ivy Prep has a single point of entry and each family is provided with their own personalized code to access the door for entry.  

Level 2 Background Screenings

At Ivy Prep we require all staff to be fingerprinted with a Level 2 Background Screening. We also require Local Background Screenings as well.


Secure Student Pick-up

Children are only released to caregivers that are approved by the parents. Photo identification is required for children to be released to a caregiver.

Safety with Ratios

With the exceptional teacher to children ratios at Ivy Prep, teachers are able to closely monitor the children to provide a safe and nurturing environment.